Can I get pregnant by a Dog


Published:6 years ago

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Can I get pregnant from a dog/Dog sperm? This video addresses the common question that was searched in Google search engine. Can a girl get pregnant from a dog or is it possible to get pregnant from a dog. Are there any instances where a girl/ a woman got pregnant for having intimate relationship with a dog? This dog doctor may give answers to few of your questions. In scientific terms is it possible to have a conception between germ cells of two species? How many chromosomes a canine/dog germ has and how many chromosomes in human germ cells. Some time, the next video can be on how to prevent pregnancy from a dog?

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  1. IC says:

    Oh haa haa Great video. Thanks for sharing it best fun video with us. Can a girl get pregnant from a dog…lol. I never imagined it is searched so much in Google. Lol…..Girls may protest against Google trends …lol. Actually can a girl get pregnant from a Dog?Lol very funny ..No kidding ….I think no. Otherwise we would be seeing Man-dog mixture creatures walking on the road ….Yeh there are Man-dog creatures but they do look like human or dog..eitherway

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